Completing a Lease Transfer in Elizabeth NJ

When you buy a car, you buy, game over. One of the great advantages of leasing a car in Elizabeth NJ is the flexibility it offers. When you lease, you shorten your commitment, bring down price, and can even transfer your lease before your agreed upon term — a tactic many drivers never realize!

How to Transfer Your Lease

Savvy leasers whose plans change mid-lease understand that there are other options. Rather than pay fees for early termination, you can simply transfer your lease to another driver looking for a reliable short-term deal. Our Elizabeth NJ leasing team is here to help pair you up with another driver willing to take over the responsibility of your remaining lease, freeing you up to upgrade, downsize, or walk away from your lease — and we do it for a small, one-time fee.

Take Over an Existing Lease

A great way to get yourself in a reliable new car without any significant commitment is to take over an existing lease from another driver. Again, our team is here to help match you up with a driver seeking to end their lease early, and help you secure your place as the new leaser of a beautiful, quality late model car.

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